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(D) College Organization

The college has introduced certain posts from the conventional teaching post to enhance complete harmony of the College.

(i) The Principal: The College is headed by a Principal with many years of experience in secondary school administration

(ii) The Vice Principals: (Admin and Academics) They are to assist the principal in day to day running of the College. He is the second in command to the principal and co-ordinates the activities of the Teachers.

(iii) The Guidance Counselor: The counselor has a full time responsibility of assisting members of staff and students in many ways. He counsels them and more importantly, organizes lectures and other activities relating to the moral upbringing of the students. He is often saddled with the publicity of College activities.

(iv) The Students Affairs Officer: The college has a Student Affairs Officer who looks after the welfare of all students. He is in charge of the Prefects Councils as well as Scholarships. He has other minor functions.

(v) Registrar: This officer is in charge of all documents for the individual students and members of staff both past and present. The office is tagged the “Registry” He/ She is in charge of documenting all admission and appointment of all students and members of staff. The office is also in charge of all in-coming and out-going mails. There is an Assistant Personnel Officer to assist the Registrar.

(vi) The Welfare Officer: The Welfare Officer looks after the welfare of the staff e.g. Social activities and heads of the Social Committee.

(vii) Academic Set-up: The Principal and the Vice-Principals oversee all academic programmes of the College. There are also two Boards set up to closely monitor the Curricular Activities of all teachers.

  1. The Academic Board:

The Board has the principal as the Chairman: The secretary is usually from the Department of Arts and Language. The Board comprises of the vice Principal academics, All Heads of departments, the Registrars and Guidance Counselor, as well as Chairman/Persons of the various college Committee.

They meet regularly to review the progress of the College on academics, discipline and co-curricular activities.

  1. The Continuous Assessment Committee:

This is now to replace the board of studies. The committee comprises of all the heads of the Department, the Year Tutors and the Guidance Counselor. The Vice principal Academics will be the chairman. These senior teachers are versatile in their subjects. They will constantly review and upgrade teachers and learning standards. The committee will also ensure strict compliance with the Continuous Assessment records as well organize seminars and workshops relating to effective teaching.

  1. The Heads of Departments:

There are four academic department in the college: Science and Mathematics, Technology, Business, Arts and Humanities. Each is headed by a senior teacher and the posts are rotated as and when necessary. He/She oversee some teaching records of the teachers as well as supervises their academics work. Each department meets regularly to review the teaching standards of its teachers.

  1. Committees and Councils:

The following committees exist in the college: Environmental, Examination, Sports, Co-curricular (both academic and social). Food and many adhoc committees set-up as the situation demands.

Each Committee is headed by a Chairman/Chairperson. The councils are (i) The Prefects Council, and (ii) The Student Representative Council which are both headed by Students Affairs Officer. They meet at least twice a term and at any other necessary instance. The students elect two representatives from each class.

  1. Meet- Your – proprietor Forum:

This is a program designed for students to meet the proprietor in a forum. It affords the students the face- to-face opportunity to ask questions from the proprietor on all matters relating to the college. It also opportune them to make reasonable suggestions toward improving on the progress of the College in academics and curricular activities.

NB: Suggestion Box:

There is also a suggestion box placed in the College for Parents and Students.